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About Block and Company

Since 1934, Block has succeeded by providing industry expertise, innovative solutions and superior service to our customers. From the beginning, our goal has been to understand how we can help you boost productivity, enhance security and increase efficiency. Moving forward, you will see a resurgence of the well-established Block product traditions and a new energy around the Block brand.


Our headquarters in Wheeling, Illinois includes 125,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and multiple distribution facilities locally and across the United States. We manufacture a significant percentage of our overall product offering here in the U.S.A. and source only the highest-quality products. Throughout the years, we’ve proudly served the financial, gaming, hospitality, education, restaurant, retail and vending industries.


We’re strengthening our focus on providing you with the most innovative products, top-notch customer service, new programs and industry-leading partnerships to help your business continue to grow and succeed. Welcome to the better Block – a company with a rich past and a strong focus on the future.

1934 - Mitchell Block, a young law student, saw the need for specialty office supplies for lawyers and Block and Company was born.



1936 - Mitchell personally sourced all products and developed the first Block and Company catalogs.


1946 - Mitchell expanded the business to serve banks introducing specialty cabinets and anodized aluminum coin trays in bank colors.


1960 - Block and Company patented Color Keyed Coin Tubes and 6 years later Porta-Count® Coin Trays, still popular solutions for managing coin today.


1962 - A sign of the times, Block developed a line of custom counter signs, perpetual calendars and  more to serve customer communication and promotional needs.


1968 - Block moved to the current Wheeling, IL facility. More office and factory space meant expanded customer service and more new products: Security Pens, Key Cabinets, Key Tags, Key Hole Signals and more.


1978 - Block patented the tried and true, original Wedgy® Pen, still widely used by banks and retailers nationwide.


1989 - Block opened a cut and sew bag plant in Bristol, TN to develop a line of specialty bags to secure and transport money and documents.


2004 - Block expands product selection with full line office products, cleaning and breakroom supplies and a full selection of signage and displays.


2011 - Block celebrated 70 years with a new logo, a new look, and a continued commitment to providing expertise and innovative solutions to customers' growing needs.


80th Anniversary
2014 - Block’s 80th Anniversary – a milestone year that allows us to reinforce our commitment to our customers.  Moving forward you will see a resurgence of the well-established Block product traditions and customer service and you’ll also see a new energy around the Block brand.