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Purchasing Paper Rolls

Not All Receipt Paper Is Considered Equal

Learn How to Save Time and Money


Truth #1: Longer is Better

Remember, when comparing rolls with different lengths and different diameters, the longer the footage, the better the value. You may pay less for the lower footage, but you are also getting less paper.


The Result

  • Every time a paper roll is changed, 2-3 minutes of productivity is lost.
  • The time and cost of roll changes quickly becomes significant when the frequency and quantity of machines is taken into account.
  • Realize significant cost savings by using High Yield, Longer Footage Paper Rolls.


Truth #2: Thinner Paper is Better

Paper thickness varies, so a receipt paper roll with the same diameter may be a different length. While they may look the same, their footage is very different- (see illustration above). Thicker paper (high bulk) causes a 165' roll to look identical to a 190' roll, when you actually get less paper. In fact, thicker paper can also cause more linting which can cause print head mechanism problems.


The Result

  • The shorter roll produces lower yields and less paper. This results in changing the roll more frequently causing increased downtime and frustrated customers. Machine misfeeds and paper jams also occur more often.
  • A roll that is 15% shorter will require changing the roll 15% more often. When purchasing paper rolls, take into account the labor time and cost and buy longer rolls. This can save you hundreds of dollars annually.
  • The true cost of a paper roll is the price per foot. Comparing diameter alone is not a true cost.


Longer Roll = Higher Yield = Greater Productivity



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