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Keys to Successful Cash Management

Store.  Automate. Secure.


Is your cash handling process costing your organization time and money? Look to Block to solve the cash handling puzzle. We have the products and solutions you need to reduce errors, improve efficiencies and minimize your risk while handling cash; ultimately saving you time and money.


Cash is an organization’s most liquid asset and therefore is the most susceptible to loss and misuse.


Our cash handling solutions do more than help you

count, sort, and organize money - they ultimately boost

productivity, reduce errors and better streamline your



Counting cash manually involves a ton of time and work.


Whether you’re manually counting large amounts of money or small, you run the risk of theft, cash handling mistakes, increased labor costs and fraud expenses. Adding automation into your cash handling process is an investment that will quickly pay for itself and it will immediately allow your operation to be more efficient.


Did you know 95% of all businesses experience employee theft?


The security of cash-in-transit is critical and Block has been focused on ensuring your profits make it from point A to point B for over 80 years. Our products and solutions will help you to implement processes and procedures that your business needs to minimize risk in this area.



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