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Cash in Transit Infographic



  • Is your process for cash handling secure and efficient? Cash is an organization’s most liquid asset and therefore is the most susceptible to loss. Our cash handling solutions do more than help you count, sort, and organize; they help you boost productivity, reduce errors and streamline your workflow. Which Block products will work best with your internal procedures? Check out our sample program that features some of our best-selling cash handling products and you can try them first, risk-free.


  • Checking for counterfeit currency before you accept it is key.  By the time the cash makes it to your counting room it’s often too late.  Counterfeiters are more sophisticated these days and they can duplicate a few security features but not all of them into their counterfeit bills.  Our selection of counterfeit detection products will help you easily identify which bills are authentic and which are fake. 


  • There are high costs associated with managing cash.  Manual cash processes can create logistical headaches, reduce staff productivity and carry enormous risk.  Investing in our line of Semacon’s Cash Automation Solutions literally takes your hands out of cash handling and will significantly increase your efficiency while also eliminating the risk associated with manual cash handling.   As a leading supplier of Semacon currency counters, currency discriminators, coin counters and sorters, our solutions will help you improve efficiencies, lower labor costs and ultimately save you time and money. 




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