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Bristol Bag

Bristol Bag CompnayBristol Custom Solutions has been an industry leader in the cut-and-sew market for more than 25 years.  With experience in designing, developing and manufacturing reusable bank bags, Bristol offers a broad spectrum of specialized bags designed with integrated locks for the safe, secure transport of cash or other valuable assets. We are excited to announce that we have officially merged our operations with our long-standing, parent company, Block and Company.  You’ll find all the same products that Bristol Bag offered, plus a large selection of reusable bag products and thousands of cash handling and business essentials products.



Bags & Accessories
Cash Handling
Fraud Prevention & Security
Bags & Accessories   Cash Handling   Fraud Prevention & Security



Bookmark the Block and Company website for all your reusable bag products and cash handling and needs.


If you need assistance you can call us at 1.800.323.7556. Thank you for your business.